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Lil Fellers Jumpers & Slides inflatable Funjumps

​Lil' Fellers Jumpers & Slides

​Tips for your Event:

1. Schedule a time for your event, also having a backup time:

    Know the date and time for your event, before calling.

2. Know where to set up the unit:

    Find the general area where you wish to set up and be sure to clean

    up the area before we arrive.

3. Have Power:

    Be sure to have adequate power supply available at all times.

4. Wrap it up before it gets dark:

    Try to plan your event to end before 7pm or earlier due to lack of 

    daylight and the safety of the staff to pickup units.

5. Have all the details ready:

    Please have your full name, delivery address, 2 contact numbers

    the start and end time of your party, date, and the unit required.