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Lil Fellers Jumpers & Slides inflatable Funjumps


1. You must have adult supervision at all times while using equipment rented from Lil Fellers.

2. Children using rental equipment should be at least 32 inches tall and no less than 2yrs old.

3. Please follow the required information to avoid injuries:

   Unit               Children 8 & Under        Children 9 to 12      Older Teens      Adults

   Bouncer           6-8                               5-7                        3-5                 3

   Slides              2                                  2                           1                    1

4. Individuals with any type of injury, pregnant women, small infants or others who may be prone

    to injury from falls, bumps or bouncing are not permitted on or in the unit at any time.

5. No flips, wrestling, extreme horseplay, allowed at any time during use of the unit.

6. The safety step is not intended to be bounced on, it is used to enter the unit only.

7. No shoes, glasses, or any sharp object allowed inside the unit or around it at all times.

8. Silly string, gum,candy,drinks, food cigarettes, confetti, are not allowed inside or around the unit.

    It is the renters responsibility to keep the unit free of these items or a cleaning charge will

    be added.

9. No climbing or hanging on the outside walls or roof.

10. In case of heavy rain and or lightning have the kids exit the bouncer and turn off blower.

     Move the blower out of the water until the rain stops. Please call us once this is done.

11. Participants shall be kept away from the blower used to inflate the unit. In the event the

     blower is accidentally turned off, remove the children from the unit and turn on the blower.

12. Please do not allow your pets inside the unit, at any time.

13. Do not move or relocate the equipment. 

​14. No one over 150 lbs allowed in the unit.